This is Why I Quit



A while ago, I told a (used-to-be) friend: “If you are not willing to change something, only criticize it, you are simply a coward.

Of course, I was talking from the fires of my youth and my declaration applied great to what we were talking about. But now, I am talking about something else, something different, a giant that eats up people and spews their bones, just for entertainment.

Before we go any further, I need to declare that this is my perception, this is not a critique or a generalization of the topic, this is my opinion.

I will leave social networking, and even if it isn’t the first time I’ve done this, it will be the last one. “Why?”, you might be wondering, “you are just being a snooze fest”, “there’s nothing wrong with it”, “it has brought us so much good”, and you may be right or I might be wrong, I don’t care, but I want to let you know why, just to have some resemblance of peace of mind.

Being online has given us a mask to hide behind of, and behind this mask we have brought up the good or the worst in us, but the deal is that we are currently so connected to our online lives that we forgot this, that these are only masks. Masks allow us to show others something that is not real about our lives, something we are pretending to be or like or do. But just as face masks do, our social media masks protects us from the harshness of reality. A super connected world has given us super divided people.

Social networks have shown us the actual fragility of the real world, and showed us the impotence we have to do anything about it. (Again, I’m not denying the “good” it has brought us, how Mr. Beast has been using it to help people or the planet, how it brings help to people hidden in plain sight; yes these are good, but countable events)

It has shown us the weak spots in our friendships and any kind of relationships, and filled us with anxiety and doubt about ourselves. And I’m not only talking about this like a “regular” person, but also as a content creator.

The speed at with we use our social network is incredible, the amount of information that travels through our minds in a single day is ridiculous. And this speed demands from me as a creator to be “new”, “hype’ and “lit”, EVERY SINGLE DAY, and this is simply not sustainable. Not for me, not for every little creator like me out there.

We have put on these masks to help us cope with our lives and our insecurities, and they take too much time to maintain. It burns our essence to keep being something we are not.

Specially right now, I miss the coffee, I miss the catching up, I miss creating content, not for likes or for people, but for me, and doing what I like, because we need to remember that what we are is enough.

Social networks have given a place to belong, to feel more “us” but it has actually robbed us from our individuality, from our sense of self. It gives us voids masks to help you feel loved and unique, but it’s a false feeling of security.

This is why I quit. If the options are, to be in the existential dread of trying to keep up with this ever-changing monster we call social networks and finally belong, or to not keep up and fall in shame for not belonging. I chose to not belong and finally be.

El Barbas
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