This is Sparta!!

Day 1 - December 2nd, 2013

Lucky am I to find this course accidentally! Maybe this is some divine force trying to help me getting organized! And this help is very well welcomed!

Just took the quiz and I was right, I suck at getting things done!

... No good I guess...

But well that`s why I`m here! I`m entering as an amateur and finishing this course as Leonidas himself, leading an army of 300 men to fight against an army of thousands, with courage and no fear!

I`m sure that in 21 days I`ll be able to scream very loud to the world: THIS IS SPARTA!


Well, I was able to think about things that I had forgotten a long time ago. I putted down almost 50 open loops, but I`m sure that during the course I`ll remember more and more.

It feels very nice to put this "trash" out of my mind, so now I can look at it all at once! It makes you feel more energized to get things done. Now I can see my objectives that yesterday were just asleep in the deepness of my mind!

Let`s keep going, I`m sure that the result will be more than amazing!


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