This is Lucy

This is Lucy - student project

My character is Lucy. They/ she is a talented musician who dreams of performing on stage. She works as a bartender to support her career as a musician and still lives at home with her mother and 12-year-old step sister Bella. 

Lucy is fiercely protective of Bella, so much so that she doesn't let her live her own life at times, because she doesn't want Bella to go through the same things she did growing up. Nonetheless Bella is extremely caring and thoughtful and shines when performing. However, she is also self-conscious and scared she will never live up to her potential.

Bella dreams of one day meeting her father and confronting him about abandoning them. When she finally has the chance to meet him or perform at a festival she has to make a choice.

1 - Gender: Gender-fluid/ femme

2 - Age: 26

3 - Social status: Working class

4 - Family:  Single mom, absentee father, younger 1/2 sister (Bella, 12)

5 -  Profession: Struggling musician/ bartender

6 - Hobbies: Painting, playing ukulele, riding bike, finding cute bugs

7 - Dreams: to play on stage at Lightning in a Bottle; to meet her father; finding a girlfriend

8 - Fears: Never living up to potential; letting down Bella

9 - Strengths: Good at playing ukulele & singing, caring, passionate, thoughtful

10 - Weaknesses: Hot-headed, self-conscious, overly protective of Bella