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This is I, the Giant

24 July

I'm finally posting a draft of this piece. It was an adventure. I don't know that I fulfilled what I had posted previously, but I suppose that's part of adaptation. Although I know I'll continue to improve upon it, I enjoy this piece in it's current state and hope you do to. Please comment.

Final Draft:


The editor of the Spoon River Argus will print your secrets unless, of course, you can afford to keep him quiet.

17 July

I've chosen the Editor. The man whose finger is on, and occasionally contrls, the pulse of the town.

"Thereby also living the life of a sneak-thief, / Poisoned with the anonymous words / Of your clandestine soul. / To scratch dirt over scandal for money, / And exhume it to the winds for revenge,

This will be the story of the corrupt newsman; the devil's advocate, the man who knew too much.


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