This is Andalusia.

A documentary of intimate portraits of people from Andalusia, Southern Spain, about how they excel in the art of living. 

A lighthearted yet philosophical documentary about what is often overlooked about this region in the periphery of Europe: what they are good at. 



I lived in the capital of Andalusia, Sevilla, for a year. I have very limited experience in documentary filmmaking, but with a great passion for it and I'm decided to learn a lot in a very short time. 

I know a couple of people I would love to portray to reflect the essence of this wisdom (my two best friends, both artists, a lovely little girl, a tatoo-artists that mixes tradition and modernity, a flamenco dancer originally from Lebanon, a Belgian disable saxofonist that spends his winters here).

I have some ideas about the format (f;ex. One day with Andalusians, and I divide it into morning-afternoon-evening).

But I have no idea  how long it should be, what questions I should ask to get what I want (because of the no-experience thing), and how to come to the high quality result I'm aiming at when I'm such a newbie.





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