Nelly Creative




This character is getting ready for Fall

I liked the creativity exercises a lot. This is my doodle page. 


This is a figurine I made. I combined the two ladies, the one in the middle and the one at the bottom. The colors were dictated by what i had at hand, so it is a fall style.  I made it out of air clay (crayola). I only had a flannel pattern, so I used it with felt for the dress.  The head is done with acrylic paint for the base, head and face. The hair is done from embroidery floss and it is hold with a sewing pin.  I included an old shoelace for the scarf to give it a bit of color and to balance with the base and mouth. 

I had fun. I edited the photo  because there is a line stretching out of the nose. It looks ok in person, but in the photo it seems that it is a mistake, so I removed it with Photoshop.

One more photo. 



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