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This Stuff is Bizarre and I Like It That Way.

To start off I've collected a bunch of images that had interesting elements. Then I started smashing them together. Here are some moodboards/combinations of things that I think could make some interesting toy creations. Feedback is welcome, hopefully I'm not completely missing the mark. Also, vote on which one is the most intriguing to you please. I'm super excited about this course and can't wait to design a toy! AND if it's flippin' amazing enough, hopefully get it produced so others can enjoy it as well.

Goodness! I just reviewed them all again, I can't seem to narrow it down at all! I may need to sleep on it. They all seem so much fun to me right now.

Update 10/17/2013

I think I'm going to focus on option #2. The more I think about it, the more I think it would be the most fun for me. It also "has legs" so-to-speak. Hoods could be interchangable, and the face could be a variety of things within the wooden doll realm. Also thinking of doing just the head (rather than a whole character) which could be somewhat unsettling in and of itself. Hopefully, I'll have time tonight to get some sketching in.

Update 10/18/2013

I finally got to sketching today. It was actually quite a surprising process. I was sketching and drawing and sketching on the head with a eared hood idea, but I just wasn't getting anywhere with it and it wasn't flowing like it should. So I started sketching mushrooms and it just really started to take off. I had a lot of fun with it and the sketching process really felt smooth rather than forced. So here you go!

You can see some rough shape iterations near the top and I began to find forms and things that I responded to. What you can see is that I found something I liked and then would iterate the next part of it on top until I found something I liked, then I'd begin to iterate on the next element.

And these are the two that I've selected for discussion and critique, hatchet head or blindfold...we can only wonder why he's blindfolded. Maybe some fun times with the lady mushroom, maybe he's just made his way to the chopping block...who knows.

Update 10/19/2013

I started my control drawing. It can be a bit tedious to think about how all the little peices get put together, but I can't wait to start applying color! I suppose, any creative work worth doing has some elements of the process that are less appealing than others. Oh well. I need a break for now. Might finish it up tonight after a video game break. But I have to really think about what it looks like from the front and back... Enjoy for now!

Update 10/20/2013

Still cranking on my control drawing. Just have the top and bottom versions remaining. Seems like knowing how to use 3D software would come in handy here. Ah well. So close and then time to color! Also have to do one of the accessories I guess ;) hatchet or blindfold...

Update 10/23/2013

Phew it's been a couple days now. I've finally finished the control drawing. It's time to put some art on this bad boy who happens to be named Glumpy now. [Skillshare trick: click on images to see a larger version. Flip side of that is: upload a larger version and it will scale down for your project view]

Update 10/26/2013

I've created some color palettes to work from, and thought I'd share them with you. I learned some very helpful techniques for building colors sets in Joshua Davis' skillshare class, Programming Graphics: Introduction to Generative Art, and have found myself using them repeatedly in my daily work. So, if you are ok with writing code, his class is totally worth taking. If you aren't but need some really great tips on selecting colors for your work, chapter 5 of his course is dedicated to the subject and is almost worth the price of admission on it's own.

Update 10/28/2013

Sneak peek!

Update 11/1/2013

Sorry progress has slowed down guys. Life...


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