This Room

This Room - student project

This Room


The darkness slowly vanishes from this room as the sun filters through gossamer curtains


Waking up to the sight of the other for the first time


Darkness belonging to her, darkness belonging to him, slowly vanishing as a seed of love planted long ago begins to blossom


The damp chill of the air conditioner makes him reach for her for warmth, as if for the thousandth time


New but familiar, his touch warm, soothing like a soft summer breeze, she melts into him and purrs


The low growl of his voice echoing in her ear, she feels herself become completely enveloped by his touch


A flash of memories that have never existed appear in their minds as if awaking from a dream,

two souls reuniting after a lifetime apart 


His liquid fingers pour through her silk hair, she gazes into his blue eyes, deep as the ocean, with curiosity


They lose themselves for an instant in the other’s stare, imagining a forever of these moments


He speaks, something soft and slight, she giggles and grabs him, pressing her lips to his


Her soft floral scent mixing with the oakiness of his, they breathe in their air, and drink each other in with ever-growing desperation. 


This room, a safe haven for the consummation of a lifetime of fantasies…

This room, the soft fertile ground to plant their garden...

This room a sanctuary for worship...

This room, witness to the birth of a lifetime of love and joy… 

This room, unforgettable.