This Must Be The Place

This Must Be The Place - student project

I'm a UX/UI designer so I really don't get to use a lot of custom type, which to me is kind of a shame. I love what I do and design but I really want to take some type to step away from the computer from time to time and draw something by hand. And I love type. Especially now. When I was in school, I never appreciated it hardly at all or saw how beautiful it is. Now I'm completely fascinated by type. Maybe I'm just getting older. Either way, it's important to me that I get better at creating custom type even if I don't use it in my day job.

For my phrase, I chose "This Must Be The Place" taken from the Talking Heads song. I like the way it all flows and I think it's appropriate to what I said about how I'm feeling about type.

This Must Be The Place - image 1 - student project