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A tornado disguised as a girl.



This Can't End Well

3/18- Sketching

Here's my progress so far. I'm quite pleased with the  first 2 words, but I think the last 2 still need some tightening before I jump to vector.

I also should spend some time with the illustration of the cello bridge at the bottom and clean that up a bunch.  I did another version without the bridge or strings, but it didn't really seem to have much to do with the band & just looked like some vintage type.

I wanted the last two words to be a bit looser and wilder, so as to drive home the not ending well part- but I don't think that was super successful.

Any advice you guys might have on absolutely anything, I am open to!


I'll be hand lettering a logo for my band, This Can't End Well.

We are a San Francisco based experimental all-string-instrument ensemble.  We write mostly pop/indie/folk music, with a strong vocal element. We are also notorious for doing grandiose orchestral interpretations of popular internet memes.

if you'd like to hear what we sound like, please check out the music video for the first single off our upcoming EP here:

I'll be uploading rough sketches of the letters real soon!

Thanks guys!


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