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This Boring, Regrettable Life

Part 1: List of Referents

Okay, so here's my list. I'm starting this project as part of a series of projects to help me improve myself and progress through life, so if this list is depressing, don't worry! I'm tired of being like this, so I'm taking action to change my life for the better and hopefully begin on a path towards a happier life. Also, I'm aware that my handwriting is less than great, so I've typed out the list below.

  1. Ignore phone alarm
  2. Wake up late, rush to get ready
  3. Say goodbye to girlfriend and cat
  4. Walk 20 minutes to work
  5. Grab some water
  6. Check my email
  7. Search for a better job
  8. Pretend I'm working when my boss arrives
  9. Eat lunch with a co-worker
  10. Chat with friends online
  11. Wish I wasn't so bored at my job
  12. Walk home
  13. Mess around a bit with my woodworking projects
  14. Girlfriend asks about dinner
  15. Eat something, probably bad for me
  16. Watch TV for a bit
  17. Regret wasting yet another day
  18. Get ready for bed (brush teeth, wash face)
  19. Read social media updates on my phone
  20. Fall asleep


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