Thirty Seconds or Less

Thirty Seconds or Less

I have too many ideas than I know what to do with.

And rather than subjecting to a life sentance in a notebook, I decided to give a home of their own. And so I started Thirty Seconds or Less: ideas done daily.

Thirty Seconds or Less is a daily podcast that features different ideas from a variety of voices. Every Monday features a guest podcast and the rest of the week is left for my ideas to find a home.

Capturing an idea in thirty seconds is more difficult than you would think. It's the twitter of podcasts, an intentional constraint that foces brevity and clarity.

This project began on a whim. I scratched the idea in a notebook on a flight to a conference, recorded the first few podcasts in a hotel room, and have kept it up for half a year!

In 2014 Thirty Seconds or Less (TSOL) will continue to evolve.

I'm planning on creating a black and white image for each post, giving them a visual kick. This visual will be posted on Pinterest and Instagram. Each audio file will live in Soundcloud and be backed by an audio track from someone from Soundcloud.

Also, I will be self publishing a book with the transcriptions from all the TSOL podcasts from 2013 (and will do this every year).

All that to say, this idea is continuing to grow and come to life. Not bad for the world's shortest podcast.



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