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Well, I selected my favorite ad (one I've actually held onto for years because it's so weird but also artistic) but now I'm looking around at other people's projects and wondering if this is too complicated.

Should I do a "cartoony" or paper cut-out version of this or look for something easier? I'm a true beginner with this stuff.

8.9.13 OK, I've decided that for my very first project, I should pick something more reasonable and simpler. So, I'm going with this Guinness ad.


Had to put this class on hold for a bit but I can devote time to it again. I'm finding it difficult to do this on a laptop and without a mouse (just ordered a mouse from Amazon) and I'm also getting stuck between "Free Form Building" and "Building with Shapes." Going from video to actual implementation, I find myself falling behind the instruction and trying to figure out things like, how did he grab that anchor point and move just that point when I can't seem to get it to react the same way? Is he hitting hot keys I can't see? Frustrating. I'm going to upload what I've got so far from the "Free Form Building" segment where we learn to use the Pen Tool. I can't seem to get the image to be see-through so you can see the faded ad behind the parts I've overlaid. I'll keep trying. That's how you learn!


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