Thirst & Goal

Thirst & Goal - student project

Whether you're a Dodger fan in Dubai, a Hoosier in Honolulu, or a Wildcat in Wisconsin, find your home field away from home with Thirst & Goal.

Looking for the best place to watch the World Series but not in Detroit or San Francisco? Find the nearest Tigers or Giants bar in your town and root with expats. 

For Businesses:
Bars/restaurants pick their favorite team in as many categories as they'd like: 
MLB / NBA / NFL / NHL / NCAAF / NCAAB / NCAABB / EPL / Countries (for World Cup, Olympics, ec.)
They can pick their top three in each category, but 1 and 2 have to be from different conferences (afc vs. nfc, east vs. west, etc). They can also give an explanation on their profile page as to why they selected those teams.

For Users:
User searches by team, and the results can be shown via list or on a map. Competition between bars affect the order shown: the more check-ins for that team, the higher the placement (in case of ties, goes to distance).
When checking in via the app, the user gets a discount, deal, or points. Then if that team wins, the deal doubles (alternate idea: a POTENTIAL deal, and if the team wins, it's activated).

Can utilize Foursquare's API/map for locations?

Check in with GetGlue, get a special sticker. Bring these unique stickers to that bar and get a free something. Bar name on sticker? Can it get that customized?

Something embassy and consulate related? Most check-ins for a specific team gives you Ambassador (a la Foursquare mayor). Next tier is consuls?

Ads, sponsorships, tie-ins, partnerships, merch? Branding?

If paying with a team-linked credit card (the ones from MasterCard/Visa with logo on it) they get another reward. 

Daily deal site tie-ins?

Potential sponsors, partners:
CBS sports

Logo/icon ideas:
Pole with arrows that are foam #1 fan fingers
Embassy emblem
Rally cap

Other name ideas:
Homer Away App
Road game
Thirst and long / thirst and goal
Fan Based
Comfort food