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Third time's a charm

Part 1. Idiom brainstorm and word list

After a long, indecisive journey of trying to find an idiom... I finally chose one: Third time's a charm. It felt right just because I just dealt with two bad business cards printing... so I hope the third one goes incredibly *charming*. 

I googled the idiom and tried to look where it came from. I found that the first written time was in the 19th century on a scottish proverb, but there is no real explanation about where it came from, just suggestions. 

The first one (and my personal favorite) is a story about a prisoner named John 'Babbacombe' Lee, who survived three hanging attempts, and because of the English Law mentioning that "Anyone who survived three attempts at hanging would be set free" he was, well... set free.

The second suggestion has religious matters, referring to the Christian Trinity, which might relate to goodness or luck in association with the number three.

In spanish we also have that phrase, translated like "La tercera es la vencida" with a slight modification not quite meaning "charm" but meaning "victory", that's why some of my ideas went through knight tales and such. 

Here is a list that I made with some idea sketches:


Part 2. Sketches.

For this part, I had to get my head clear. I had a lot of ideas but none of it visually *charming* (I'm going to use this word through my project...I'm really feelin' my idiom, you know?).

I fell in love with the genie-that-grantes-three-wishes idea, because I liked the relationship with the number 3 in my idiom. It sort of has magic and fantasy in it.  

I thought it was funny to represent an imperfect genie that doesn't get things right at the first time, she works hard and gets two toads and on the third time her prince *charming*. I kind of mixed two stories, but in the end I think the point is clear... maybe?


In my final sketch I tried to achieve a cloudy atmosphere, along with a script handmade font so the concept of clouds and organic smokey forms is kept. I tried to keep prince *charming* hidden and on the right, so taking a guess that you are reading the image from left to right, makes him kind of a surprise at the end of the drawing.


My next step was to add ink, so it has more definition. 


:) I did have fun by the way. 

Part 3. Final Illustration.



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