Third Act - Sierra Grayson


Serena decides to leave her job at her MIL’s office and go back to volunteering at the library and writing her own novel while she works part-time as a waitress for some income.

  • Quits job at MIL’s office while MIL is there
  • Goes back to the library for the first time in a couple weeks
  • Doesn’t see less fortunate teen there so she decides to ask the head librarian if she’s seen them
  • Visits less fortunate teen at school to convince her to come back to writing program
  • Talks with husband about how proud he is of her for trying to do it all but that he’s concerned about her
  • MIL throws a congrats party without her for her brother-in-law’s new job (says she didn’t want to depress Serena since she doesn’t have a “good” job)
    • Serena doesn’t care
  • Less fortunate teen reveals fully fleshed novel at library one day and Serena helps her publish it on an Internet site for teen literary work



Her plan is working and making her a little bit of money, but it’s not what she’s truly passionate about anymore, so she decides to talk with the higher-ups about making the library young writers volunteer programming into a full-time job - and they go for it, much to her MIL’s dismay!

  • Serena shows the higher-ups at the library that one of her volunteer students in the writing program just published a full finished novel online
  • Convinces them that the program is doing so much good for these kids and that it should be continued/built into larger programs year-round
  • Higher-ups bring on Serena as a full-time literary workshop expert with pay
  • Serena announces her new job at the next Sunday dinner with her in-laws, and her MIL isn’t happy about it
    • Says it’s an insecure position liable to go away at any time
    • Serena shows her the contract the library signed with her for at least a year’s employment
  • MIL shows up to library one day and visits Serena and the students
    • Tells her that she’s actually proud of her and is sorry for her behavior
    • Serena wants her to know that she would have taken this job even if it didn’t come with pay
    • MIL says that’s a very noble thing to do



Serena feels a sense of happiness and ease as her job at the library begins and she has more time to write her novel - which she eventually finishes - and help young writers learn that it’s okay to not make money from working on your own creativity.

  • Serena’s days are spent working with kids at the library, coming up with more projects and bigger programs, and working on her own novel
  • She finishes her novel two months into her new position at the library and publishes it with the less fortunate teen’s name on the cover as a co-author
  • Sends a copy of her new publication to the less fortunate teen with a note on the inside cover that encourages the teen to never stop writing “no matter what”