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Thinking with Type: David Kuon's Personal Branding

Well back to the drawing board. I went to relearn the class again to rebrand my self identity and to refine my topography skills. This time I want to go step by step to really understand and see what I'm doing right and wrong.

Phase 1: San-Serif and Structure

Here I tried to combine flush left and some justified text here. I'm liking the upper right the best.

Phase 2: San Serif and Emphasis

Here's my first attempt with using the Andada font. I tried to use emphasis on two things. Things I was forced into and things that are my passion. I also placed my penguin illustration that I drew and vectored.

Here's a typography project using what I learned from each phase of the lessons. I tried to mix some slab, script, and san-serif type to create some elegance for this Valentine's Day project. I added some specked some distortion to add more personality to the poster.


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