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Thinking about gum

OK, let's go!

I have a DIY and craft blog, so I would definitely think along those lines...

* Can we create gum at home? Like, healthy gum for kids and adults with a flavor that lasts? I would try to come up with several recipes.

* A post on different uses for gum. Maybe with a little water and a little work of the fingers it can become pliable enough to do other things. Maybe it can be used as sculpting material for kids, kind of an edible play dough. Or maybe it can work as blue tack for emergencies.

* Games with gum. Have kids do gum races: who can pull it farther? Who can eat more pieces? Can you guess the flavor while blindfolded? Really naughty: spit gum and pick it back with your mouth (I know, gross, no judging, I'm just having ideas).

* Gum party. What about a tasting gum contest? We can have a list of different aspects to judge and a lot of different kinds of gum to try. We'll be filling the list and deciding on the best gum.

* Make bubbles with your gum and have ephimeral art. Gummen instead of snowmen. Or trying to make small bubbles inside bigger ones. See who can make the biggest bubble. Or play a bubble bursting game: everyone runs with a bubble on their mouth and everyone tries to burst everyone else's bubble.

Not the most original ever, but that's all I can come up with!


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