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What's your story? As a young girl, I literally had many. I was that kid who would cross the street with a book in my hand and spend my Catholic school recesses with Nancy Drew, Captain Ahab, Hester Prynne and, dare I say, a little Sidney Sheldon. Fast forward to adulthood and stories are still a predominant part of my life, especially my professional life. 

I have over 5 years of professional experience in media and cultural production, analysis and criticism. My specific expertise is in popular culture and media, digital strategy, branding, research, and writing. I've written extensively, some of my pieces appearing in venues such as The Huffington Post, The Nation and Popmatters. 

I am currently in the process of building my first venture Think Young Media Group, LLC, a professional storytelling and digital media firm that practices strategic storytelling through the three C's: communication, collaboration & critical thinking. Creativity, implementation and action-oriented solutions drive the work process of Think Young Media. My ultimate goal is to develop three arms through TYM: 1.) helping corporations, non-profits and individuals craft, re-engineer, build or re-brand their "story," 2.) producing my own media and online content, and 3.) creating a space for the generation of new ideas, research and collaboration in the areas of media and tech.



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