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Think Visual

I'm running my small creative business called Think Visual for the last year, I'm hoping to grow it this year so this project would be about making it work better than ever!

The main thing I do is Graphic Harvesting (also called - visual recording, sketchnoting)

What is Graphic Harvesting by Think Visual

# Lession 1


My Mission is using creativity and design, to be the conduit to translating abstract challenges into tangible solutions and to enhance understanding through memorable visual articulation.

My Services / Income Streasm / Channels

#1 Visual Consultancy - helping people to gain clarity on what ever issue they have on their mind through converstion and creating visuals while we talk.
Usually 2 hours session

#2 Graphic recording / harvesting at live events - creating visual metaphores on a live screen at  live events / discussions / talks / workshops 
1/2 - 3 days

#3 Visualise Content - Illustrating written knowledge through conversation with the creator. Quick tern-around since the visuals are created while we talk. Used to increase visuability of blogs, reports, books, business plans and so on.   

#4 Training - Passing on visual skills to help people be more visual at their work - giving them simple and practicle tool that they can apply for improving their work or their  personal growth. 


  • MacBook Pro 13"
  • Wacom Bamboo
  • iPad
  • Studio fiftythree pencil and paper
  • Adobe creative suite
  • iPhone
  • great working space
  • Years of experience as a graphic designer, facilitator, artist

Human Resources


  • Me
  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper

Support Network:

  • Eldad Ben Yosef - business & emotional support
  • Denis Coleman -  human managment
  • Irial O'Farrel -  business managment
  • Michal Vital - Graphic Design & running a freelance business
  • Helen Kuyper - Storytelling and running an inspiring business
  • David Pedley - Animation production
  • Sketch-Noters online network
  • Local freelancers network


mainly four groups - 

#1 Inverstors and business owners - incubators, accelerators, startups.. 

#2 Consultants - managment consultants, storytelling consultants, social media consultants

#3 Marketing and PR people - people who produce marketing materials to other businesses 

#4 Training & Development managers - who need to educate or enegage large number of people, especially in multiculture & internaitional setting. 

Visual answers to the questions from introduction

more visual answers


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