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Architectural Eng. @ PSU



Think Twice Dublin @ The Cave - February 22


Hey everybody,

My friend Jack Risser and I decided to do this class together, so check out his project for Lord Huron if you get a chance.

My poster design is going to be for a show in my town for a band called Think Twice Dublin.

They are a local band made up of two guitar players and a drummer. I think their style is really unique and I love listening too them. Hopefully if my poster turns out well I will offer it too them.

Here is a link to their music: Download their tunes if you enjoy them!!


 On the bands website they describe thier sound as: alternative, dream pop, experimental pop, indie, minimalist, State College, meloncholic.

I think that these words are perfect and I am going to use these as a point to start working from.

My other main source of inspiration has been from listening to their music and simply trying to commincate what their music makes me feel. I like to draw landscapes with lots of different objects and characters. I think I want to try to make an environment that is reminicient of their sound. I think this relates well to the band because their music creates a certain ambient sonic environment that can color your physical surroundings.

Here are a couple influencial works:

(father john misty, go listen to this too!)

Psychedelic Hand

These are by an artist named Demitri Djurchin, I love the colors and the style of painting, these are acrylic I belive.

This is a totally different style but I love it equally as much...

(M. Ward makes great music too, check it out!)

Besides those I really enjoy patterns and repeating themes in art. Some how I want to blend these two styles together.

I havn't worked on my color palette at all yet.

A lot of the aspects of my rough drafts are from doodling that I do in class, so there is no real direct inpiration from another source, but im sure things I have seen have influenced the doodling so in that regard they are all inspired by something. 

I wanted to try to include the venue, The Cave, into the design as well. I think a cave first into the sonic environment of the music.


  • Cave
  • Meloncholic Environment
  • Mysterious Environment
  • Another Strange World
  • Ambient
  • Dream Pop
  • Experimental

Rough Drafts:

For the type...I think I am going to have the black goo write out the words underwater...I havn't visualized that Idea yet.

Thanks for looking!


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