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Think Texture: Create Simple (but Cool) Paitings with Watercolor Textures

Hi guys !

My name is Thaís and I'm a designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Just recently have I started my own blog (uhul!) and managed to talk about things I truly love: watercolor, crafts and design. Most of it's content is made by me from start to finish, so if you got a little curious about it you can go there and check it out ! (the only bad thing is that it's all in Portuguese...but I promise to make an upgrade very soon to include both Portuguese and English as the main languages)

As you could already see I'm very passionate about Watercolor and that's why I decided to make a class dedicated to that!

Now let's talk about what's really important here :)

Class Title: 

  • Think Texture: Create Simple (but Cool) Paintings with Watercolor Textures

Class Description:

I want to teach students how to make watercolor textures and show them how incredible textures can look as the main focus of their paintings. 

  • This class will set you free to play with watercolor and hopefully make you love textures as much as I do. In this class we will REALLY explore different types of textures. Textures can be incorporated to almost anything, but most of the time you see them applied mainly to backgrounds. I believe it's about time we change things up and bring textures back into focus!

Class Project:

  • Mask your Watercolor Texture into a Shape and let it Stand Out

    Get your watercolor supplies // Make Textures // Have Fun // Create Fantastic Designs


    Your assignment is to make texture the main focus of your painting. First think about the texture and than choose a shape you want to see your watercolor texture applied to. 


    As you go through the class feel free to upload your exercises, that will certainly inspire others to share their projects here too! You can upload your exercises and the final project, but there is no need to upload all of them at once. Find out what fits you best and have fun during the process.

    For the exercises below a picture or scanned image of your paintings will do.

    1. Watercolor Texture Guide
    2. Fruit Slice Painting 
    3. Final Shape Project


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