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Think Straight

I’m currently developing an educational product called “The Middle Manager’s Survival Guide”.               (#middlemgrguide)  I’d like to produce some short videos for it.  But, I’m really new to this process and thought that I would try a “Learn Differently” vignette to help myself figure out how this all fits together. 

My vignette is called: “Think Straight”.

I’ve put my treatment on a PowerPoint.  Here’s the DropBox link:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1q4zpn8sv8s1ps/Think%20Straight.pptx.

Here is the narrative behind the pictures:


Think Straight (Narrative Only – See PowerPoint for Storyboard Graphics)

1: Why is it that some problems defy solution?            

2. The harder we work, the more the solution eludes us….

3. … --the more we tire ourselves out.

4.We get desperate...

5.  self critical….

6. When we get upset, our fight-flight response kicks off. 

7. And our neocortex gets damped down so we get more reactive. 

8.  We actually lose our ability to think straight and communicate effectively.

9. That's when we really need to take a break.

10. Take a deep breath and relax.

11. Really look at the problem.

12.  Stop trying.

13.  Allow the larger part of our brain to take over.

15.  And let the counter-intuitive solutions to occur.

16. Relax – Think Straight.


Any feedback you can offer is greatly appreciated.



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