Lewis H.

Graphic Artist/Illustrator



Think Like a Record Cover Artist: Learn the Basics of Album Sleeve Design

This is just the initial idea for my first class - outline coming next.


Record covers are a unique art form. They are distinct from gig posters (the other major art form associated with music) and book covers (which play a similar role to album covers), for instance, because once they are linked to the music, they are almost always associated with it for the lifetime of the record itself. This gives the record cover artist a peculiarly high level of responsibility in the design world, and is one of the reasons album artwork is often revered across generations.


I want to build on the decade's worth of working in the music industry - and the lessons learnt from designing hundreds of records of different kinds - to take you through my process of creating the artwork for a music project. At the end of the class I would love to see you produce a piece of visual art that is inextricably linked with a set of songs of your choice. 

I hope that this will be of use for creative people of all skill levels.

In this class you will learn the basics of:

- Exploring concepts as building-blocks for an album cover

- Translating sound forms to visual forms, and choosing appropriate processes to express it

- The various effects of colour on perceiving sound

- The difference between 'art director' and 'artist', and how to apply this to music artwork

You will need:

- Some music that you enjoy

- Paper and pencil

- Whatever supplies & technologies you need to realise your idea 


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