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Think Less - Do More

April 16

On January 1 this year I started using the bullet journal method for improving how I track all my stuff:

I was feeling pretty good about how I was doing with it (I am much much more productive) but all the little tasks I need to do on a daily basis are getting in the way of me making progress on important work. 

The diagnostic shows where I'm at:

I cringe when I think how bad I was before...

Right now my plan is to work this project hedgehog. 15 to 30 minutes per day no matter what.

April 17

I've set up ToDoist and Evernote to collect open loops. Planning on doing a big batch tomorrow.

My Gmail inbox has over 7,000 emails. I'll need to find a way to process the old ones as a batch.

April 18

I've got my tasks out of my journal and into ToDoist, and now I'm gonna tackle my inbox. Found a good article for this:

My favorite line - Take a deep breath and click "Delete"




Spent the day getting ToDoist and Evernote set up. My tasks are organized into projects, my email inbox is clean - and all of my web bookmakrs have been transferred to evernote. Tomorrow I plan to process my physical inbox.

April 21

I've completed everything through phase 4 ... although I still need to empty my physical inbox, and set up a physical filing system that matches what I now have online. I've created those as tasks to be completed later. I'm going to review the Phase 5 videos this evening.

April 22

Started doing my daily review in the morning. Before I would just glance at my email inbox, and then hit a few web sites before diving into my work. This is a much better use of my time.

Monday I completed 6 tasks, Tuesday 15.

I still have detail work to do labelling my tasks, and some other set up stuff for my GTD system, but right now the key will be sticking to this on a daily basis to form new habits.

April 23

18 tasks completed.

TIme needed to do my morning review is going down as I unsubscribe from all those email newsletters that clutter my inbox - and as a result have less to process. 

April 28

I had over 20 tasks piled up for Friday which made for a long day. Since I fully booked for the weekend - I wasn't able to squeez in my weekly review. Hoped to be able to do it this (Monday) morning - but client requests are already pouring in and I feel overwhelmed. Not sure what to do to find a place for my weekly review.

April 28 - Follow Up

I just went ahead and did the weekly review. It didn't take long because I've kept things well organized on a daily basis.

What would you do if you could do anything this week?

I decided to create an image for my portfolio. I broke the project down into tasks and scheduled them throughout the week. If I didn't ask myself this question - it wouldn't have occured to me.

Review overall productivity system. 

I still have some loose ends to set up. I've been deferring them - and I'm afraid to make a hard commitment to get them done this week. We'll see where I'm at with these next week.

April 30

Plugging away. Doing my daily reviews and staying on top of tasks. Will do my monthly review tomorrow morning. I took the diagnostic again:

Progress - but still a ways to go!

May 1

Monthly review...

Review Areas of Responsibility -- I have a lot of tasks in my areas. Right now I'm satisifed that I have them all listed in one place where I can keep them in front of me. I'll continue to review these on a weekly basis and work at getting them more organized and scheduled.

Review time-tracking system -- I've been using Toggl for a couple months now and really like the system. However - I've only bee tracking billable work. This month I'll start tracking everything I do. I also need to enter my time on a daily basis - I haven't updated my time tracking since April 21.

Review goals -- More than halfway through my career and I've never intentioally set goals - I've always gone with the flow. I'm changing that this year and I've been working through setting goals in all the major areas of my life. This is currently an active project so I'm working at this on a weekly basis.

Review someday -- I still haven't tagged items for someday. I'll do that today.

May 5

Weekly review -- 

What would you do if you could do anything this week?

Got started on the new image but then got bogged down late in the week. I'll keep plugging away this week.

Review overall productivity system. 

Inconstistencies with how I set up ToDoist and Evernote are tripping me up. I also need to be more consistemnt with how I file important emails. This Saturday I'll go through and clean up my GTD system.


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