Think - First poster

Think - First poster - student project

I started paying for the creative cloud almost three months ago yet I've been struggling to learn. I'm really bad at following along with many of the intro videos, as I find the lack of creativity makes my mind start to wonder. This class really helped me learn a lot about photoshop and illustrator and made me more comfortable with working with shapes and colors. 

For my first poster, I decided to go for a 90's computer vibe, although I think it got a little lost along the way. My main goal, however, was to make a somewhat completed poster, which I think I managed to do.

Think - First poster - image 1 - student project

I really like the woven nature of the warp, the shape is beautifully abstract. I ended up coming up with one somewhat pringle like shape which I mirrored and flipped vertically. I like the grain of the noise a lot, although I feel as though I should have blended some parts beforehand just to add some more cohesion.

Think - First poster - image 2 - student project

The worst parts of the poster would be my choice in font. I think the main headline font fits the theme I was going for quite well and I wouldn't change it- my name font, on the other hand, leaves little to be desired. I think a more stout font would have worked much better but due to my own inexperience, I was unable to edit any of the fonts into the exact image I wanted. 

Think - First poster - image 3 - student project

That same problem is likely the cause for the amount of whitespace, something I don't mind but I feel it keeps the image from feeling complete. I'm going to need to work on some of my typographic elements in the future, although I think to learn the fundamentals of the programs are my first priority for now.