Think, Feel, Do


Think, Feel, Do - image 1 - student project

Think: The seven of pentacles can focus on work life and on making a choice or going down an unfamilar path/ making a risk. I am currently in a transitional period in my career and it is heavy on my mind that I need to take a risk to improve my situation. 

Feel: The Knight of swords represents a time of activity, action and ultimately a form of chaos. It represents a necessary transformation. Because this card is reversed in my reading I am interpreting this as something internal. So, it shows me that I am feeling like I'm pulled in a new direction and am transforming within myself.

Do: The Temperance card represents the unifying of opposites, having just the right amount of something. It can also show cooperation in relationships. This card was reversed in my reading so I interpret it as needing to coorportate with myself and find balance internally to build a good relationship with myself.