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Lasse Eriksen




Things to see in Denmark

My first thoughts on this project was to make badges of Wes Anderson movies. But a quick search on dribbble made it look like such a cliche, that i quickly changed my mind, and went for a Tarantino approach (mostly as an excuse to watch some awesome movies again). 

But then i came to a conclusion. 

Why not promote my own little country, and hopefully get some streetcredit in my own home country :) 

I've been brainstorming, and my sketching should kick in tommorow. 

My thoughts are to take a few big cities and make badges of them, and some of their landmarks:

Copenhagen - Tivoli, Roskilde Festival, The little mermaid, Amalienborg

Aarhus - Aros, The old city

Aalborg - Zoo, Utzon Center, Aalborg Museum

I know most of you don't know any of these places, but thats okay, hopefully i will just be able to great something that's good looking, and who knows, maybe you'll come visit Denmark :) 

I hope it all makes sense, and it cant wait to see what the rest of you guys come up with. 


first sketches are done, and im rdy to get cracking in illustrator


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