Things to see in Denmark

Things to see in Denmark - student project

My first thoughts on this project was to make badges of Wes Anderson movies. But a quick search on dribbble made it look like such a cliche, that i quickly changed my mind, and went for a Tarantino approach (mostly as an excuse to watch some awesome movies again). 

But then i came to a conclusion. 

Why not promote my own little country, and hopefully get some streetcredit in my own home country :) 

I've been brainstorming, and my sketching should kick in tommorow. 

My thoughts are to take a few big cities and make badges of them, and some of their landmarks:

Copenhagen - Tivoli, Roskilde Festival, The little mermaid, Amalienborg

Aarhus - Aros, The old city

Aalborg - Zoo, Utzon Center, Aalborg Museum

I know most of you don't know any of these places, but thats okay, hopefully i will just be able to great something that's good looking, and who knows, maybe you'll come visit Denmark :) 

I hope it all makes sense, and it cant wait to see what the rest of you guys come up with. 


Things to see in Denmark - image 1 - student project

first sketches are done, and im rdy to get cracking in illustrator