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Things to Do in Saint-Malo

#01 ================================================================

I'm stagnating at the very beginning of this course - I can't pick my theme for the project. So my mind map and sketches here are very messy, but I decided to create my project anyway, hoping I have better ideas as I move forward.

[Mind Map]


#02 ================================================================

After having thought about what I should create in this class, now I am more inclinded to making icons which introduce touristic attractions of a walled port town, Saint-Malo in France. I visited there recently and loved the place, so my idea is to make icons (badges?) which represent things tourists can enjoy in Saint-Malo.


[Mood Board]

[a bit more Sketches]

#03 ================================================================

I started making illustrations in B&W using Illustrator.

[ design adjustment of "1. St Vincent Cathedral" ]

#04 ================================================================

Six frame ideas... At this moment, I am more inclined to no.1 or no.5.
(I haven't worked on ribbon's details and typefaces yet.)

#05 ================================================================

I tried to apply colors to my badge designs. After spending too many hours and feeling lost, I came to realize that my frame design also decides some directions of my color palette. So, two frame designs and two color palette - I'm still working on these, but my goal is to express either the atmosphere of bright port town of Saint-Malo or the French chic atmosphere.

A little bit of modification below.

Followings are some more changes.
For the float design, I changed the color of the ribbon into a bit darker blue.
For the lace design, I made minor changes in illustrations and also tried different colors for the ribbon.

The followings are (possibly) my final designs.
For the buoy design I added very sheer shades. For the lace design, I changed the lace shapes and adjusted the colors of the ribbons to create better contrast with the illustration behind.

After receiving a feedback from one of our peers, I changed the font for the lifesaver motif design. I think this one looks better, and hope the other people feel the same.


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