Things that matter -- edited sketch

After looking at all the lovely projects, I finally bit the bullet and posted my work. Please excuse my horrible nighttime photos!

I started playing with a MLK quote yesterday while I was warming up, and once I started to get immersed in the sketching and erasing, I decided to stick with it for the project even though it's entirely too long. My first rough sketch was a pretty loose oval:

I inked this iteration, but once I stepped back, I realized I needed to play with the spacing (especially between the first and second lines), tweak some of the flourishes, and attempt to condense it into a circle shape. This is what I came up with:

Here it is inked:

Since the lettering turned out so tall, I decided to go back and fatten up the shades. As I look at it now, I see quite a few things I'd change, especially spacing ... but I've enjoyed how this project has taught me to become good friends with my eraser, and to be more forgiving of myself throughout the process.

Update: I spaced out the last line, changed the flourish on the "t" in silent, which was driving me nuts, and added another flourish in "things" to make it more symmetrical:

...and inked it with sumi ink and a Zebra g nib, again fattening up the shades:

Next stop: on to photoshop and illustrator...


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