Things on my minde at the moment

this is the first one I made .. I cut it up and was on the phone ... hmm.. lost time and so I never ended up finishing it .. but: see next


 on an other day I started doing a wallpaper and this is what came out .... 


I had forgotten the whole procedure by than .. and starred new again tonight ... with Christmas and my nephew and some chocolates and and sure, Alice my dog....  and finally got to pin it up the wall this time ... 


It was very fun and I would recommend your Class to everybody .. They are quick and easy for nights like this. 

Well .. I did not cut away alle the marks and my printer swallowed the edges .. (still have to figure that one out) I could just scann everything in and digitally salve it - put that would be half so fun .. 

So I hope you have fun, watching this as much as I enjoyed your class!!!

Kind regards



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