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Things can move?

Things can move?

The story of a print designer taking his first steps.

For a while now I have wanted to learn how to animate some of my 2D designs, and this project was a great way to dive into animation.

I have been a graphic designer now for roughly 3 years, mainly focusing on print design and illustration. After doing my first comic book I found out that I was fairly good at story boarding, and that got me thinking. "Here is a crazy idea. What if my artwork could move in some sort of fasion as to tell a story. If only there was some kind of magical program to do this." So I desided to set off on a journey to find such a program, and a masterful teacher to teach me thier ways. That journey lead me here.

I began by creating a building from my favorite animated series.

After leaving my safety blanket that is Adobe Illustrator. It was time to open the scary animation program known as After Effects!

Initially it was very daunting. By with my master, Jake Bartlett, by my side together we tackled this beast of animation software. 

I tried my best to stay organised, keep my head up, and my feet planted throughout the fight, and with Jake's teachings echoing in my head it was easy to accomplish.

I wanted to make something that had semi violent movement, as if everything was being thrown, or hit into place. Then for them to look like they were being sucked back in to complete the loop. After some tweeking on the graphs I got what I was looking for.

Thank you so much for posting this class. I learned so much that some of my animator friends were even like "You used the graph editor, dang you are on a pro level now!". (I like to keep friends around that boost my ego.)


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