Yoann Resmond




Things are Beautiful if you Love them


I'm a designer and artist based in San Francisco. I'm looking for ways to strengthen my hand lettering, specifically for a current project I am working on: a collaboration with a photographer on a series of posters. The words will be expressing in tandem with the photography what the underlying theme and message is touching upon.

Let's see how this goes :)

>>> Week 1: Initial sketch.

>>> Week 2: New sketch: adjusting shapes, letter connections & thickness.

>>> Week 3: Lining up & outer shape adjustment / "Love" redrawn / Cleanup and new letter connections.

>>> Week 4: Vectorized / Shading test / Initial test in context with Photograph.

- Shading: Thinking it might be necessary to treat the areas where letterform creates knots/overlaps, perhaps with slight white shadows on black, and slight black ones on red. This seems to improve legibility but maybe an alternate solution works more beautifully?
- With Photo: Here's an example of what the Lettering & Photography will look like together. This is not the final photo, but overall expresses the relationship between type & image.


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