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Things That I Have Learned from This Class - Lisa Rusczyk

I have learned to add a watermark to my youtube videos. 

I have a Udemy class, but I have not sold one yet and I put it at the lowest price of $9.

I have not made a course on my site but I may try in the future. Thank you for showing me how to add those programs to wordpress. 

I asked my 2,000 facebook fans on facebook what ecourses that would like me to create, and no one commented.  So I am not sure where to go from there. 

I have 300 eBooks but I am just getting into eCourses. 

I really need to update my websites.  Thank you for that.  I need to work more on email lists.  I have them but have not looked on them in a while. 

I do need to consistantly work on more ecourses. 

Thank you for reminding me to add selling stuff on my site and also emailing my list with discounts instead of for free. 

Thank you!



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