Things Take Time

Things Take Time - student project

Hi friends, the project I've just finished is a music video which is very inspired by Nathaniel's work. The video takes you on the 6 months Eurotrip which I’ve just finished last week, and during this trip, this folk-country song (violins, guitars, country drums, etc) that I wrote was born.

Since being exposed to Nathaniel’s work last year, I got a nice camera and started documenting the journey, the friends, the ups and downs.

A funny coincidence is that one September day in Amsterdam during the trip (while walking around with the camera HE inspired me to carry) I randomly met Nathaniel in a bar and we had a brief conversation.

The song’s called “Things Take Time” and it was actually written from the frustration about how sometimes so much work (mostly in my online channels) does not give the fruits you hope for, but the important thing is to enjoy the ride and keep going. Maybe you can relate.

I hope the video successfully takes you on the Eurotrip. Thanks for your time!

(Watch tip: the song & video peak at about 70% in)