Gabriel Gonzalez

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Things I enjoy

So for my project I wanted to try and showcase some of the things I enjoy and turn it into a abstract concept of sorts. They range for an activity such as self reflection to an emotion to things I see in my everyday life. 


Deep in thought. 

I want to convey how sometimes you're just sitting somewhere, be it your room, park bench, or at work and a small thought gets in your head. As you keep thinking on it, it grows and transforms into a deeper train of thought.



Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with summer (leaning more towards hate.). I live in New York and at times the heat is too oppressive compared to when I would visit Puerto Rico and it just feels nice. So for this spiral I thought about the colors and and how they can make you feel on that perfect summer day. 


Kindred Spirits

So for this one I wanted to use the loops and waves of lines to symbolizing finding someone who you can truly relate to and feel connected to. And I don't necessarily mean it in a romantic way because you can discover that in your mom or a best friend, teacher, etc. 

I will update this more as I create some more. I have a few ideas that I want to flesh out. 

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 


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