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Things I do after Lessons

This is a log of my practical progress. I don´t want to start straight away with a single project. Instead i will document different miniprojects I produce after lessons. 

I started learning today and this is what i made out of the Decision Making challenge. I did not figure out how to program it, yet the theory was right.

So I saw how Paul did it and decided to focus a little bit more on the interface. Having a visual background it´s fun to see something graphical in action.

So I build two sentences out of the element in order to make the phone more human.

I  N  T  E  R  F  A  C  E:

On startup: 


This is the first label. It is going to change to "I AM NOT THINKING" if the guess is wrong and to "NUMBER" if you guessed right.


This is my text field with a placeholder text "A NUMBER". As soon as you type, the placeholder disappears and your number takes a logical position in the sentence.

3. BETWEEN 1 AND 100  

This is the second label. It changes to "IT´S HIGHER" or "IT`S LOWER" on wrong guesses and to

"IS CORRECT!" if you guessed right. 

PRESS TO GUESS!     //My button

RESTART    //My reset button

As soon as you touch "A NUMBER", the numeric keyboard pops up. I think it only makes sense since we don´t need other characters. It is also more comfy.


I added a clear button on the right for easier cleanup:

After pressing the guess field:


This happens when you win:

Just as i was documenting this an error occured. It was runnung perfectly before. Now if the guessed number is higher it crashes. The only thing logged is (lldb).

I checked my spelling and logic an thousand times. I don´t see the problem. 

All in all not bad for the first day.


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