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Thing with legs... kinda

This class looks awesome, and the first step has been great.


First step, sketching, I took the ones I like a little further in the bottom. Didn't have a clear goal, just experimenting with the process to see if I liked it or not, got a couple of interesting designs. high def



Muscles from imagination very very simplified, I should do some more research about it and take it further


Unfinished, but I wanted some crits, or tips.

I still havent decided the color scheme, I tried to put many ideas into each one of these, not like, to make each one a good design, just to get ideas from them to put in the final design, any suggestions?

''Final design''

There's something special about the blue dots, I need to make a .gif version.

This step sure is long haha, I'm doing pose sketches, and I think they are the funnest part, I didn't expect them to be so enjoyable.

Step 3 finished yeeeeeeeee, I'm loving this creature, I don't want to forget about it after the project is over, probably will save it for future personal projects, or directly start one right now, I love this course so much. Look at my avatar, THAT'S MY FACE RIGHT NOW.


Lineart and base colors, zoom in 'cause the lineart is pretty detailed.

Still a looong way to go...


I can't finish it, I just ughhhhh!!!!, it's impossible, I can't.

To calm down a bit I've done some ferret studies for another project

I should do some slug rendering studies, very detailed ones but I don't know how I could apply them besides the watery surface, maybe I could use RJ's scale tutorial because some slugs have similar patterns, just changing a couple of things...

Btw, drawing is my favourite part, I kinda like making detailed drawings, but when I paint under them, I feel very restricted and I can't achieve the illusion of form/cool painting, I feel more comfortable finishing a pure painting that keeping the drawing, but I don't want throw away the hours the drawing took me. Any ideas?


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