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Thieves and Detectives

At first I thought of the word "Gumshoe", followed by Gaiaonline's ZOMG game, which has a ring called "Gumshoe" which makes any enemy's feet stuck in gum.

After looking up the definition proper I learned that "Gumshoe man" was originally a slang for "thief" but after 1960 it was changed to meaning "detective". This link between detective and thief gave me the idea for a thief turned detective as my main character.

Another point was how many kleptomaniacs are known as "sticky fingered", so I had my other main character, or at least the sketch of their main attribute. An unwitting thief who doesn't even realize  when they steal half the things they do and the detective nee thief who pursues them.

At some point both will be in a high speed chase and get stuck in something spilled, gum, cement or such. I feel the whole mood of their conflict, instead of "law vs lawless",  will feel more like "who is the better thief?"

All I got right now


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