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Thick Skin, Elastic Heart

My 'song of the moment' is Elastic Heart by Sia, so I have chosen that song lyric as my phrase. 
I really wanted to empahise the 'ELASTIC' component of the phrase, so I drew inspriation from rubber bands, elastics and anything that was squishy or maleable. 
I also researched medical text books (HEART) for typography, illustrations, and decided to add arterials/veins on the base of the heart to create a lockup for the type. 

Images sourced from pintrest/google. Medical text books. I like the bottom left image where the copy is encased by the veins of the heart. 


Initial typography development:
Playing on the chosen word "Elastic". Definitely wanted something that looked like it had movement.


Layout Option 1:


Layout Option 2:


Layout Option 3:


I am happy how its looking so far. I am not so keen on the 'ive got a' and 'and an' type as I am still to refine my freehand but as these are rather 'undescripte' words it was tricky to develope a typeface to suit these. I am tempted to add colour somewhere, and may do this once I have rendered the digital verson. 


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