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Hendrik K.

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They are looking at you

My Screenwriting Project

As a prose author in the making (short stories are selected and published by Amazon Kindle Singles - link - and novels are coming soon) my desire is to develop my writing further an further. I really wanted to explore the world of screenwriting. And I can say the class was great and I have learned a lot. I’m from germany, studied sociology and currently I reside with my wife in Rio de Janeiro. When I write in german I feel the complete freedom of my expression and for a good text I had to lern to restrain it. In english, for me as not native speaker, it’s the exact opposite. I miss the sensitivity for english and the internalized knowledge about it, but writing my first screenplay was a great pleasure.

Step 1: Selecting The Text

My first aim in this class is to learn more about the adaptation of a prose text, not to write new material. As a author I have a lot of respect for the texts from other authors and don’t want to harm their ideas. So I have chosen to adapt the chapter "Queer" in "Winesburg, Ohio“ by Sherwood Anderson. On one hand the text is a wise little character study with original and memorable figures. On the other hand makes the text a lot of requirements for an adaption, like dialogues, speeches and descriptions. I wanted to keep close to Anderson’s original and find working solutions for the narration.

I know a submission in the short term is not able to collect a lot of likes (if deserved), but I hope maybe to raise attention for Anderson’s wonderful story, which you can find here:

Step 2: Script

Final draft:

Second draft:

First draft:

Step 3: Logline

A young man plans to run away, because a reporter is snooping and gossiping about him behind his back, but at first he wants to prove him wrong.


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