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Thetis Island Nights

Stage 3 v2

Stage 3

Hey here is the textured version of my illustration. I changed the colours as well as adding a focal point of the Orion's belt constellation that I am always drawn to.

Thanks for all the helpful feedback so far!

Stage 2 v2

I changed the colours and added some rim lighting to the trees as well as added some faint stars.

Here is my colour palette

Stage 2:

Here's the next stage of my quiet nature nightscape. It's based off the top right hand corner sketch in the previous shot. The blue colour was the key colour used for my palette..

Stage 1:

I feel like I can be quite a loud person but it's the quiet time I'm most fond of.  To me, the most quiet times I can have is when I'm surrounded by nature. I wanted to draw some of my favourite times I've been outside and stopped and have had a quiet moment. There's no words but there doesn't need to be.

In the top left column is a rough sketch of a viewpoint of a tropical plant over looking the ocean.

The bottom left features a field of clovers, I put one four leaf clover in there.

The middle image is the perspective of myself running on a trail.

The right top photo is image up at the stars in the forest at night.

The right bottom sketch is from looking at the moon at dusk in the forest.

I thought it would be interesting to try and develop an illustration from scenery that at least take mental photos of if not real ones.

I'm excited to carve out the sketches further.


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