Theseus and the Minotaur

Theseus and the Minotaur - student project

Theseus and the Minotaur - image 1 - student project


Here are my initial sketches for the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. I plan on making more to complete the story.

  1. Theseus sails for Crete
  2. T. arrives @ Crete
  3. T. meets Minos & his daughter Ariadne
  4. Ariadne falls in Love with Theseus
  5. Minos tells T. he must go into the Labyrinth to fight/be eaten by Minotaur
  6. A. ties a string around T.'s belt so he can find his way out of Labyrinth.

I'm trying to keep my initial sketches gray and make them darker as Theseus enters the labyrinth to build tension. I thought I could make the lines horizonal outside the labyrinth and make the labyrinth itself have veritical lines. Not sure how to handle the Minotaur yet. Feedback very much appreciated.


I have never done anything like this project before sooo, BIG SIGH, here goes.

My story is about a kid who is spending a gray winter day at his grandma’s house. He’s bored so he starts exploring the house; he randomly ends up investigating her washing machine. Unlike the washer at his house it’s a front-loading machine with lots of light up buttons and knobs, and like all curious kids he starts messing with it before asking permission. He pokes at every knob, presses every button. Then he opens the door, sticks not just his head inside but his torso as well and still manages to poke knobs & push buttons on the front of the washer.  He doesn’t realize that the washer is unplugged but it’s making noises & lighting up anyway. Dun-duh-Dunnn. Suddenly all the lights and beeps go off at once and the drum starts turning, bracing himself to catch his balance the kid is suddenly sucked into the washing machine where he finds himself getting pulled into a world beyond the washer. Not believing what is happening to him he makes out a blurry forest, & path, possibly a castle.  He is on his way to an unexpected adventure.

I used very simple shapes in my sketches because the moment of the story I’m trying to show is when the boy transitions from his boring day at grandma’s to unknown adventure via washing machine, it’s about him & where the washer will take him.  The washing machine itself is a character that has power over the kid. It’s not evil but it isn’t necessarily friendly, it’s intimidating. The washing machine is the kid’s rabbit hole and a frightening first step to exciting adventure beyond his mundane life.  These are my initials sketches. I feel it would be best if the washing machine dominated the field of vision to show its power over the kid. I realize that in my larger sketch the figure is not in proportion with the washer (I think he’s too small) but I wanted to give the machine more mass and give a hint of what the boy was flying into i.e. NOT a washing machine but a parallel world, so I wanted a faint sketch of what lies in the distance.  I thought the viewpoint should be looking up so the washer towers over the viewer like a monolith and I intentionally had an in-your-face viewpoint so the audience would feel like they were getting sucked into the washer along with the boy. I am going to try some side views of the washer to see if it feels stronger.  I’m thinking about creating this image in watercolor, with muted grays in the background, strong darks in the ring of the washer so it will frame the interior and bright colors inside the washer, the figure of course will be dark, but not as dark as the circle.

I used a sold rectangular shape to convey the power of the machine & made the door/washer drum a circle to show friendless & symbolize a rabbit hole. I could make the door/wahser drum a sqaure. The cirlcle also frames the imaginary land that lies just beyond the boy. The boy (hopefully) is the focal point.

I am struggling with the perspective of the figure and what to put inside the washer (inside the circle: show details or leave fuzzy?).  Feedback about any of my idea is very much appreciated.Theseus and the Minotaur - image 2 - student projectTheseus and the Minotaur - image 3 - student projectTheseus and the Minotaur - image 4 - student projectTheseus and the Minotaur - image 5 - student project