These yarns o' mine

These yarns o' mine - student project

Okay, here is my treatment for this week!  Please give me some feedback on this!  I really want to hear what you think of it!  Thank you!!


Cooking for Criminals

The Cook serves up meals for the most unsavory characters for money to pay his mounting student loan payments.  On this particular day while making Chinese food for a certain crew of thugs, a rival crew crashes the party demanding to know about territory usurped.  Upon murdering the entire gang, the rivals don’t notice the Cook until he gives himself away.  With the realization that he is the only witness to mass murder but curious about his skills, he is told to prepare what could be his last meal.  Will he survive?


Cooking for Criminals Treatment

Flaco (23M) is a cook who has a slight gambling problem.  He owes his loan shark money for a failed bet on a hockey game so he takes to cooking meals for drug dealers, gangsters and thugs to earn extra money.  One this particular day, he cooks for a local dealer called Mack.  Mack is at his hideout in an abandoned industrial area with his “crew” partying:  Drinking alcohol, smoking illegal substances and playing card games and dominoes. 

In the middle of the party, another gang bursts in and confronts Mack.  Taken by surprise because they are in the middle of eating their meal, Mack can do nothing but ask what they want.  The man, Montana (28M), is a mountain of a person and asks about Mack’s usurping of a territory and injury to his nephew whom Mack put in the hospital.  Mack provokes Montana and Montana and his men ruthlessly gun down their adversaries in cold blood.  They turn to leave but Flaco coughs from the gun smoke and they notice him standing in the corner.  Thinking he is about to be killed, too, Flaco is then approached to cook another meal for Montana and his men.  With nothing but the remnants of his ingredients from the previous endeavor, Flaco agrees.  Montana warns him that if the meal is unsatisfactory he will meet the same fate as Mack.

Flaco gets to work and makes Montana’s crew another meal, the same as was prepared for Mack.  He serves it to the visitors and they are unsatisfied with it.  Flaco begs to make another.  With his supplies rapidly dwindling, Flaco prepares another meal and serves it up.  This one is better than before but not to Montana’s satisfaction.  He is growing impatient and demands one more meal.  Flaco realizes this is his last chance and scrambles to work with what he has, which is almost nothing. 

Having prepared a dessert, he nervously serves it to Montana.  They eat and agree it is good but don’t say whether it is good enough to not kill Flaco over.  Flaco looks to his butcher knife to defend himself thinking he is about to be gunned down when Montana approaches him.  He demands Flaco’s wallet, removes his identification, asks where he works and demands he quit that job.  He also tells him he cooks for them now, full-time.  He then hands over 5 $100 bills with an address written on it.  Montana tells him to appear at that address the following day or risk being hunted down.  And with that, they leave. 

Flaco is washed over with relief but horrified that he is in a room with corpses.  He grabs all of his gear and rushes to the door.  Thinking he has cheated death, he drives away in a good mood hearing police sirens in the background heading for the gruesome murder scene.  However, he slams on his brakes when he realizes he forgot his butcher knife.  The end.