These aren't the droids you're looking for... | Skillshare Projects

A. Marta Ferreira

Graphic Design



These aren't the droids you're looking for...

First, some research and basic sketches.

I knew I wanted to explore a fluid, playful lettering, with maybe a different font on the "droids" to give it emphasis.

Firstly, I was just looking for relations between letters, ways to connect the words and occupy the space of the composition.

After I started to have an idea of what the composition would look like, I did a more refined sketch. I decided to go with a textura quadrata for the "droids", much more straight and hard, breaking with the fluid lines of the other words.

I decided to simplify the lettering in the words "the" and "you're" to help legibility and emphasize the important elements of the sentence.

Then some experiments with different materials for different textures and lines.

After I was happy with the overall look, I digitized and vectorized. I twiked with the lines, curves, and coherence of the drawing. I also added some flourishings to add to the playfulness and occupy the empty spaces between the words. 

Lastly, I played with the colours, textures and backgrounds.

This one inspired by the old and grunge feel typical of the Star Wars originals, with a little metalic for the droids.

And this one reminiscent of hot Tatooine and its two suns.

I really enjoyed this first, real experiment in the world of lettering. Hoping to keep exploring it from here on!


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