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Cathy Abbott

Childrenswear designer, London



These Shining Lives


Thanks for the tutorial!  It was really helpful.

You made it look so easy, however as a less experiencedPhotoshop user, I got a bit lost at a couple of points towards the end, but by going over you instructions over and over again, I got there.

I wanted to make a Neon sign to advertise a play that I am involved in, These Shining Lives.   The play is set in the 1920's & 30s and tells the true story of a group of women, also known as The Radium Girls, who work in a factory painting watch dials with radium to make them glow in the dark.

This connection to Radium and glowing in the dark, lead me to think of Neon.

There are a few improvements I would like to make to my “Neon Sign”,  I’d like to play around with Fonts and styling to make it look a little more vintage.  But overall, I’m fairly happy with this as a first attempt.


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