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These Dunes Aren't Made For Walking

This is my latest version. It's still on tracing paper because I don't have a lightbox. I'll be putting the lightbox on my wish list!

I tried to add back some of the lettering details I included in my warmups to make the lettering more interesting. I hope it is an improvement!

I have attached a thumbnail warm-up as well as 4 thumbnail sketches for design choices. I would love any feedback. Thanks, and Happy New Year!

This is the result of my lettering warmup. Actually, it took me several "warm ups" to get to this final warm up. I hope that makes sense. I am really a beginner at this, so I appreciate any feedback you can provide. Thanks!

I think for future mood board collages, I should make a jpeg document with all of the images on one or two pages. Is that the best way to share my images?

At the beach, there is a sign with this phrase. You aren't allowed to walk in the sand dunes because that is where the sea turtles lay their eggs at night. If you walk in the dunes, you could destroy the turtles' nests. For my project, I want to redesign the sign.


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