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There's No Place Like Home

This marketing campaign was made to notify people of our participation in a local festival here in Houston, TX. 

The email was also to debut our new, clean and fun new look. The festival was called Nature Fest and had Jack Hanna, animal guru, as a main attractive. So, instead of going for the normal approach of something green and jungle themed, I decided to create a "No Place Like Home" campaign that tied into our Realty roots.

I also wanted some subtle animation to add a light and fun feel for the email. I'm a strong believer that the right kind of animation can really bump up the effectiveness of a campaign. And it worked! The email generated a ton of buzz and our booth was the most successful out of the whole festival!

Below is the animation I designed and a view of the actual email.

I'd love to hear your thoughts! I love MailChimp!




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