There's A Lotta Living left to do

Wow, It has been kinda crazy thinking about my life list.  I have always thought of things as a Bucket List where there is a pass or fail, achieved or not achieved.  Most of my Bucket List goals are so big that I may be lucky to start on it when I win the lottery. 

I really like the idea of using emotions to come up with goals for my life list and really had to challenge myself to think smaller.  For instance wear red lipstick- a very small thing but very scary for me.  It is something I can accomplish! 

I found two main goals to list for this class.  I have a widow support group that I would love to take a BIG adventure such as skydiving or river rafting.

I have been working toward training my dog to be a Therapy dog for cancer patients in a hospital.  There is a school here in Utah that will help with the training to get the certification.  I need to find a way to pay for the training, I already have the dog!


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