There is there are assignment

There is there are assignment - student project

There is – There are


  1. Complete the following sentences with there is / there are in the

My name is Amy  and I live in a very big house.                               twenty-two rooms in my house, but     only twelve bedrooms. I live in one of the rooms on the fourth floor. In my room,                                            a huge bed and                      nine windows. My bedroom isn’t small. On my bed                                               lots of pillows, and                               my cat, Fluffy. In my closet

                              many toys, and                                                      also many clothes. I don’t have a bathroom in my bedroom, but                                     a bathroom next to my room. Also in my house              two kitchens, a big dining room and three living rooms. The house is really big!

  1. Complete the following sentences with there isn’t / there aren’t. Be careful with countable and uncountable nouns!
  2.                                   a flight from here to
  3.                                   any movies that I want to see in the
  4. I’m very hungry, but any food in the
  5. We want to go to the concert, but any
  6.                                   any money in my bank account so I can’t pay the
  7.                                   seventy minutes in an
  8. In my neighborhood, any
  9. Henry can’t bake a cake because any sugar in the
  10. It’s sunny today and a cloud in the
  11. I’m sorry, any letters for you

C)   Describe your neighborhood: What is there in your neighborhood? What doesn’t exist?








  1. Create sentences using there is / there are and the following words: (You can change the words to their plural form if necessary)


1. Key


2. Tree


3. Music


4. Book


5. Floor


6. Food


7. Minute


8. Star


9. Restaurant


10. Coffee